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Planning and Preparing for Taxes

Get a comprehensive review of your tax return before you file it so you can be confident nothing gets missed. We’ve got real experts to help – or even do the taxes for you.

Forming a Business and Executing a Business Plan

Supesos wants to make your tax worries disappear and develop the perfect strategy for your company. Business tax preparation must be combined with professional consulting services if you’re going to succeed as a business, and we are here to help.

Planning and Preparing for Retirement.

When your finances are streamlined, your business will be in the best position to grow. With better financial clarity comes success. Our accountability program provides you with an accountant on hand to analyze and perfect your financial statements. Running your business just got a whole lot easier.

Why People Choose Supesos


We're excited to empower you with the essential financial insights regarding your taxes and finances. Our approach ensures a meticulous examination of every section of your tax documentation together. This is designed to enhance your comprehension and confidence in managing your financial affairs.


Our services extend beyond tax preparation. We're committed to diving deeper into enhancing your personal finances, safeguarding your family's financial future, and managing your business's accounting needs. Our goal is to forge a lasting financial partnership with you, aiming to be a cornerstone in your financial journey.


Take pride in knowing that we're committed to the greater good. A portion of our profits goes back into enhancing our community, supporting a range of initiatives to make a positive impact where we operate and call home.


Our team of experienced financial professionals are ready to help in any area you need, from personal tax preparation to small business specialization. Schedule an in-person appointment today!

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With our expert team on your side, we take the stress out of your business. Our bookkeepers and CPAs reconcile your books accurately, providing you with the visibility and time to run your business. Do you need guidance or advice, or do you want to chat with us about your monthly reports? Our dedicated team is here for you.

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Booking an appointment with Supesos is easy. Once you experience our seamless financial processes, you’ll never want to go back. Book a free consultation now!

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You can download the free Jumping Jack Tax App on Apple & Google Play to easily connect with our personal tax pros, small business specialists or life insurance agents for questions or to book an appointment.