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Wheelchair Accessible Rides On Demand

100% Secure door-to-door transportation and care.

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Simple & Accessible

Just a phone call away for your transportation needs.

Grant Independence

Facilitate effortless exploration of the world around them.

Achieve Tranquility

Guaranteed door-to-door safety.

Who is our service for?

Complete Medical’s Guarantee

Your Safety is important to us above all else

Complete Medical offers the assurance and peace of mind necessary for a safe arrival.

Outstanding Service &
Door-to-Door Assistance

Travel with confidence as our drivers assist you from your doorstep and guide you every step to your destination.

Our drivers are trained and at your service

Our drivers, primarily from the care industry, undergo extensive background checks and are MAVO and CPR certified, including completion of a defensive driving course.

Medical-Grade Equipment in Every Vehicle

Feel reassured knowing that our driver providers are CPR-trained and each vehicle is equipped with a first aid kit.

"Complete Medical is there when I can't be. Unlike Uber, the drivers personally escort her right to the doctor. This way, I'm never left worrying if Mom is lost in the lobby or missing her appointments."

- Zack S.

Meet the Fleet

A Variety of Options to Accommodate your Needs

Each vehicle is meticulously inspected and prepped to ensure your safe arrival.