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Hello I am Gilbert Dennis

Internationally Credentialed Professional Integral Coach.

We Coach.

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We Facilitate.

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We Reinvent.

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Elevate Your Leadership Potential with Integral/Executive Coaching

Our coaching program is a transformative journey, meticulously designed for individuals and teams looking to unlock their full potential. Over the course of 10 to 24 months, we’ll guide you towards lasting, sustainable transformation, empowering you to lead with excellence.

Forge High-Performance Teams from the Ground Up

In the dynamic landscape of today’s organizations, the transition from forming to performing is where real success happens. We specialize in nurturing and propelling groups into high-performing teams, a vital step to supercharge your organization’s productivity and prosperity.

Unlock Powerful Leadership Insights with the Enneagram

Unveil the secrets of effective leadership through the Enneagram, a cutting-edge personality framework. Discover profound insights into your behavior and motivations, enabling you to understand yourself and your team on a deeper level. This knowledge becomes the cornerstone of your journey towards more impactful and influential leadership.

Welcome to the Future-Proofing Revolution

As a certified Reinvention Practitioner, I specialize in guiding organizations through the tumultuous landscape of today’s ever-changing business world. In the face of chaos, we’ll help you discover the clarity, strategy, and reinvention needed to not just survive, but thrive. Join us on this transformative journey towards resilience, growth, and sustainable success.

Our coaching methodology is a fusion of 21st-century linguistics, groundbreaking neuroscience, profound psychology, and timeless philosophy. It’s a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach that will provide you with an all-encompassing understanding of yourself and your team, resulting in truly effective and holistic leadership development.


Integral/Executive Coaching that allows an individual explore and discover your strengths, weaknesses, untapped potential and then to make the relevant changes.


I work with small groups (6 – 12  people)  looking at real work-related issues and through the process of coaching circles enable them to develop a deeper understanding of the issues, the person and also the groups dynamic. This process enables them to interact in an incredibly powerful way with each other which profoundly impacts on the group dynamic..

Transitioning Groups

I use the enneagram as an introduction to the various personalities that sit in the group. Work with the groups through their unique communication style, how they each offer and receive feedback, how they show up in conflict and then only explore the group vs. team dynamic. At this stage the group can migrate to on-boarding team dynamics as they commit themselves to work through the stages of team development.

Leadership Development

Developing and Enhancing your leadership style one step at a time, using the Enneagram as a map to offer you options around your unique areas for development and according to your authentic Leadership style. Unleashing your untapped potential.

Plans We Offer

Silver Plan

Personalized Coaching
$ 19
  • Unlock personalized coaching sessions tailored to your goals and access to essential training materials. Ideal for individuals seeking focused guidance to kickstart their journey.

Gold Plan

Unlimited Sessions
$ 29
  • Elevate your coaching experience with unlimited sessions, exclusive content, and priority support. Perfect for those committed to continuous growth and in-depth skill development.
Most Sell

Platinum Plan

Ultimate Coaching
$ 49
  • Experience the ultimate coaching immersion with unlimited sessions, VIP access to premium resources, and 24/7 priority support. Tailored for high achievers craving unparalleled expertise and unwavering guidance.